Half Day is one of the best upcoming independently owned CBD brands. Established by Kameron Norwood and Dave DiCosola, Half Day CBD provides a natural way of addressing health issues, including pain and stress. Norwood and DiCosola saw CBD as a viable and holistic way of addressing health issues. The two established Half Day after discovering the impacts of full-spectrum CBD products in our bodies.

For the few years Half Day has been in the market, it has built a stellar reputation, thanks to the quality and consistency of its CBD products. Half Day CDB’s product catalog includes topicals, tinctures, and gummies. Each product has a different potency and form to meet the needs of everyone.

Half Day has a 30-day money-back guarantee that cuts across all its products. This policy applies to products that do not meet our needs and those damaged during delivery. What’s more, ordering products worth $ 99 and above earns customers free shipping. Similarly, those ordering CBD products below this price get a flat shipping fee. The free shipping and flat rate shipping fee policy makes Half Day’s CBD products relatively cheaper.

In general, the Half Day depends on hemp from Kentucky for its CBD products. Local farmers use organic methods to harvest hemp for quality results to CBD product enthusiasts. After harvesting, the hemp is cured then transferred to Chicago in GMP-certified facilities where manufacturing is initiated. Half Day also relies on full-spectrum hemp extracts obtained through the CO2 extraction process. This extraction method ensures the products have the desirable cannabinoid levels and are pesticide, metal, herbicide, and solvent-free.

About Half Day CBD

Half Day CBD was established in 2019 in Chicago, Illinois, by Kameron Norwood and Dave DiCosola, two entrepreneurs who believe in plant-based solutions. With our health in mind, Norwood and DiCosola encourage use of organic hemp in Half Day’s product. Since a lot happens between the farm and distribution of the final product, the two entrepreneurs are always present during cultivation, extraction, processing, bottling, packaging, testing, and distribution of CBD products. Half Day does not encourage white-labeling. The brand has also added a licensed food safety manager to their team to ensure what they ship is safe for consumption.

Half Day CBD products are full-spectrum with the right cannabinoid levels. All CBD products from Half Day harbor THC, but in lower amounts. For flavors, Half Day provides a variety, allowing us to choose what meets our desires.

Half Day CBD has a user-friendly website. This platform has vital information about CBD products, including the ingredients, dosage, and prices. Deliveries take 2-4 days, ensuring we do not wait for a long time after ordering our favorite products. After placing an order and paying using the credit cards, the statement on the card will show Snowbird Distribution Inc. This should not be alarming because Half Day CBD is a subsidiary brand. As the parent company, Snowbird Distribution Inc processes payment information when orders are made.

Like other CBD Brands, Half Day formulates its products from locally grown hemp. Half Day’s largest supply is from Kentucky, where local farmers utilize organic methods to produce hemp with healthy cannabinoid levels. Once harvested, the hemp is moved to Chicago, Illinois for processing. At the facility, manufacturing activities occur with CBD product consumers in mind. We see the brand’s determination in prioritizing quality through their full-spectrum products, joints, and hemp flowers. All these products are accessible through the company’s easy-to-navigate website. Although the website provides all you need to know about the products offered, you will find little about the company. Nevertheless, the website does not provide the third-party lab results for each product Half Day offers. Half Day CBD only provide batch reports on the website. Although QR codes on individual products are expected to be useful in this case, they also link potential buyers to generalized lab results.

Accuracy and Transparency

Half Day is one of the CDB brands with a growing reputation. As an upcoming brand, its transparency and accuracy are still low. If we lower ourselves on the brand’s accuracy, lab tests for Blissful Berry CBD Gummies, 25 mg showed that each gummy had 36.5 mg CBD, 11.5 mg more than the amount listed. This difference creates a 38.4 % variance within the 10% acceptable range. The batch report for Strawberry Bliss indicates ethanol was used to extract cannabinoids and not the CO2 extraction process. Third-party lab reports also showed that Half Day did not frequently test for contaminants, including microbials, heavy metals, and pesticides; hence lack of transparency.

Half Day CBD’S Specifications

  • Hemp source-United States
  • Price Range-$ 14.99-$ 149.99
  • CBD extract method-CO2
  • Worldwide Shipping-United States
  • CBD strength-500 mg- 1000 mg
  • Money-back guarantee-Yes
  • Military veteran discount-No
  • Extraction type-Full spectrum and Isolate
  • Consumption methods-Pets-tinctures, tinctures, and drops, gummies, creams, and topicals.
  • Tastes-Yes

Manufacturing Process

Organic hemp Half Day utilizes in its manufacturing activities is grown on a ‘virgin land,’ Kentucky. This farm earned this name because it has never been exposed to chemicals. For this reason, we only get healthy CBD products from this brand. After harvesting, the hemp is taken to the GMP-certified facilities for manufacturing activities. The processed hemp harbors less than 0.3 % THC. Half Day also provides isolates for people who may not want traces of THC in their CBD products. Despite following USDA-certified organic cultivation practices, harvesting of hemp is timely for high-quality products. Half Day also inspects the hemp before extraction to remove traces of mold. At the manufacturing facilities, Half Day utilizes CO2 extraction method to get the first-grade cannabinoids from the hemp fibers. CO2 extraction does no compromises the quality of cannabinoids, ensuring we get the best therapeutic effects. In most cases, the extract obtained from this process does not require filtering because it is solvent-free. Although Half Day claims it uses C02 to extract cannabinoids, third-party results show the brand utilizes ethanol to extract cannabinoids for some CBD products.

Half Day’s Product Range

Half Day’s products range from tinctures and gummies to topicals and CBD flower. The company offers free shipping on purchases above $ 99. Its CBD bundle comprising a combo gummy, two pre-rolls, and 1000mg tincture is also something people on budget should grab. This bundle cost $ 59.99 after a 43 % discount which equals $ 45. Let us now look at full list of products the Half Day CBD offers.

Half Day CBD Tincture

Half Day CBD manufactures full-spectrum and isolate tinctures to meet the needs of everyone in the CBD world. All the tinctures offered by this brand boast different colors and potencies. Half Day CBD tincture includes;

  • 2000mg CBD Isolate Tincture, 66.67 mg/ ml
  • 3000 mg CBD Isolate Tincture, 100 mg/ ml
  • 1000 mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil 33.33 mg/ ml
  • 2000 mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil 66.67 mg/ml

Half Day CBD Gummies

Half Day’s gummies come in different flavors and potencies, allowing us to choose what simultaneously excites our test buds and provides therapeutic relief. These super delicious gummies are available in potencies of 25 mg per gummy. The various products Half Day offers in this category include;

  • 100 mg 10ct, 100mg/ unit
  • 25 mg Gummies 15ct 25 mg/unit
  • 25 mg CBD Gummies 30ct, 25 mg/unit
  • 25 mg 15ct CBD Blissful Berry 15ct, 25mg/unit
  • 25mg CBD 15ct Calmer Coffee, 25mg/ unit
  • 100mg 10ct CBD Super Strawberry 100 mg/unit
  • Full Spectrum CBD Gummies 25 mg/ unit

Half Day CDB Topicals

Half Day also offers healthy CDB-derived topicals. Since they are obtained from natural ingredients, the topicals harbor a rich smell, perfect for oral use. Half Day CBD focuses on the following topicals;

  • 350 mg Full Spectrum Salve, 5.83 mg / ml
  • 500 mg CBD Aloe Freeze Lotion, 8.33 mg/ ml
  • 500 mg Full Spectrum Salve, 8.33 mg/ ml

Half Day CBD Flower

Half Day CBD and CBG Flower are available in pre-rolls and buds. With their prices ranging from $ 12.99 to $ 15.99 per bundle, you can enjoy therapeutic relief without stressing your budget.

Reviewed Products

Half Day is one of the CBD brands dedicated to offering quality products. Everything from the ingredient list, prices, potency, and dosage is amazing. This made us grab some of the brand’s products for review.

Half Day Blissful Berry 25 mg Gummies

Our Half Day Blissful Berry 25 mg Gummies were delivered in a plastic container tightly sealed with a screw cap lid to preserve the freshness. The gummies are super delicious with a refreshing strawberry and raspberry sweet smell. These edibles are coated with sugar crystals to keep your taste buds going as you enjoy the therapeutic relief. Through their website, Half Day claims Blissful Berry 25 mg Gummies are formulated using the C02 extracted CBD isolate that harbor less than 0.3% THC amount. Third-party lab reports reveal each gummy has 34. 6 mg of CBD, higher than the 25 mg Half Day lists on their website. This amounts to a higher variance within the 10 % allowable range. After a perfect experience with this CBD product, we realized taking the gummies at an interval of 12 hours enhanced better therapeutic effects.

Half Day CBD Gummies Cold Brew 25 mg Gummies

Gold Brew Gummies smell and taste like coffee. For this reason, if you are a coffee lover, these edibles are a must-have in your wellness kit. Like the Blissful Berry gummies, the Cold Brew is formulated using the C02 extracted CBD isolate with a non-detectable THC amount. Cold Brew Gummies gave us a good impression. We also established that much stress and pain is alleviated with the right dosage, taking a gummy after 12 hours. Unfortunately, we did not find the lab results from the third-party testers. This is because Half Day did not conduct frequent tests to determine traces of solvents, heavy metals, and pesticides.

Half Day 350mg Full Spectrum Salve

We also ordered and reviewed the Half Day 350 mg Full Spectrum. This product is formulated using the C02-extracted full spectrum hemp extract. Its refreshing menthol aroma leaves you smelling nice for a better part of the day. Unlike other skincare products, Half Day Full Spectrum Salve is easily absorbed. This means that do not expect oily residues on your skin after applying the salve. Other rich ingredients used to formulate this CBD skin care product include shea butter, lavender oil, Arnica, beeswax, and peppermint oil. Half Day claims the full spectrum harbors a non-detectable THC amount. For some of us who hate the earthy taste of THC, there is a reason to smile because Half Day offers isolates. Third-party lab reports show the salve contains 263.82 mg of CBD, working out to a 24.6 variance within the 10 % allowable range. After using the salve, we realized it is effective when directly applied to the affected part area.

Buying Experience

Half Day CBD runs an easy-to-navigate website with an FAQ section that provides comprehensive information about various products. Although the website does not allow direct chat, visitors can reach the brand through Facebook or email. The page also provides the customer care number, allowing website visitors to reach the company for assistance easily. After processing orders, Half Day sets the products in plain cardboard for discrete delivery. We found this impressive and a great way to meet the needs of people who value privacy. Half Day has a 30-day money-back guarantee that allows a return of the products that do not satisfy their needs. All products are available on the brand’s website. For this reason, visitors can choose and order what they want. Buyers who add to cart products over $ 99 are awarded free shipping. Those who make purchases below this amount are charged a $ 5.99 flat rate shipping fee, which is also a fair deal. Half Day also allows monthly subscriptions to their various products. We found this a great way to save money for people on budget.

What We Like About the Brand

  • Half Day offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for consumers who are not satisfied with the products.
  • Offer organic and non-GMO products.
  • Half Day’s CBD products have natural healing powers

What we Don’t Like About the Company

  • Are not committed to customer service and listening to customer needs.
  • Does not provide batch information on all their CBD products
  • Their website does not allow chatting.

Our Final Verdict

Although Half Day needs to work on transparency and accuracy, we loved what they offer, and for a good reason. The brand focuses on non-GMO ingredients for its full spectrum products and isolates. We also liked the 0.3 % THC amount in all Half Day products. Half Day utilizes the locally grown hemp from Kentucky. They also claim to use the C02 extraction method to obtain cannabinoids from hemp. Having used Half Day’s products, we can confidently say that they are healthy for all CBD product enthusiasts.

Anastasia Filipenko