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Audience Profile

Southern CBD Magazine reaches a wide-ranging audience that encompasses residents, professionals, and visitors who are passionate about the southern CBD. Our readership consists of individuals who actively seek information, inspiration, and recommendations related to the district’s businesses, events, and lifestyle.


  • Age Range: 25-45 years
  • Gender: Balanced audience, with a slight female majority
  • Geographic Reach: Primarily focused on the southern central business district, attracting both local residents and visitors
  • Interests: Arts and culture, dining and nightlife, fashion and beauty, local events and activities, business and entrepreneurship

Website Statistics:

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  • Newsletter Subscribers: [Insert number]

Advertising Opportunities

  • Banner Ads: Prominently display your brand through strategically placed banner ads on our website. Choose from various sizes and locations to maximize visibility and impact.
  • Sponsored Content: Collaborate with our talented team to create engaging and informative sponsored content that seamlessly integrates your brand’s message into our platform. This can include articles, features, or interviews that highlight your products, services, or initiatives.
  • Featured Listings: Showcase your business or event in our featured listings section, providing high visibility and increased exposure to our audience.
  • Newsletter Sponsorship: Reach our dedicated subscribers by sponsoring our newsletter, ensuring your brand is highlighted directly in their inbox.
  • Social Media Promotions: Leverage our active social media channels to amplify your brand message, drive engagement, and increase brand awareness among our followers.

Customized Advertising Packages:

We understand that every brand has unique objectives and budgets. Therefore, we offer customized advertising packages tailored to your specific needs. Our dedicated advertising team will work closely with you to develop a package that maximizes your reach and delivers the best return on investment.

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